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The Masham Ewe is medium sized and hornless. She has a good reputation for the ability to perform well in a wide variety of management systems. She is bred for producing quality lambs with an added bonus of a long stapled fleece, particularly as a hogg.

Masham gimmer lambs and shearlings are available at the Association Sales (details from the secretary) and in recent years have gone to buyers from a wide area.

When crossed with a Down or Continental ram an ideal commercial lamb is produced, with quality lean carcases

Gimmer Lambs are suitable for breeding in their first year, in the South of England they are often clipped which improves lamb birth weight and gives easier observation up to and at lambing.


Ewe Lambs   -  125%
Shearlings  - 190%
Mature Ewes - 200% +

Average Birth weight of Lambs:
Singles  6 kg
Twins  4.5 kg

Weight 16 – 25 kg
Lean Meat 76.3%
Bone  20.9%
Fat  2.7%

Average Adult Bodyweight: 75kg

Other Qualities:
Because of the wearing ability of the ewe, depreciation costs are reduced, in many flocks ewes are lasting one or two years extra. The wool with a high yield of good lustre, is clipping 3 – 4.5kgs.

Ewes in a wide range of management systems and with a minimum of supplementary feed are giving 200% plus lambing.

In the hill flocks where the Masham is produced, the wether lambs are yielding low fat, quality carcases. They are very economical feeders and give a rapid weight gain even on the more marginal land.

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